TechServ was originally founded in Chicago by Judy Lu, a Taiwanese immigrant.  TechServ was incorporated in 1992, not long after President Reagan signed the Women’s Business Ownership Act into law in 1988, creating government support for women business owners and eliminating the requirement of male co-signers on loans for female entrepreneurs.  TechServ was one of the first female-owned Information Technology (IT) companies in the U.S.

TechServ has evolved over three decades, passed down through three generations of Lu women. TechServ, which is headquartered in Illinois but has a global footprint, initially focused on procurement and service work to deliver and service computer equipment.  In 2019 Sunny Lu Williams, the granddaughter of Judy Lu, became CEO and merged her recently acquired healthcare division and its population health management and community health data collection platform, branded StatWatch and expanded the capabilities and service offerings of TechServ to include education and healthcare operations as well as expanding into the state of Indiana.

IT is still a strong component of the TechServ business model; today we integrate IT solutions in our project management and consulting services to higher ed, healthcare and public safety. TechServ uses a philosophy of continuous quality improvement, expertise in community centric data collection and resulting analytics, as well as expertise in program & grant management, strategic planning and workforce development to create meaningful change in the world. We are committed to empowering underserved populations and underassessed organizations to equalize the playing field. We create sustainable programs for education, public safety, and healthcare and are able to do this with agility, rapid development, and at a lower cost to capture data. Our focus is on programs that deliver services promoting better education access, community health equity, and public safety training and workforce development in those sectors. We also value collaboration and new partnerships, for it takes many organizations to create positive, sustainable impact.

Meet the Team

Sunny Lu Williams • CEO


Blake Wood • Director of Public Policy & Grants Administration


Stephen Etter • Director of Business Process Optimization


Liz Beckner • Marketing Operations Manager


Albert Lu • Director of Finance & Corporate Operations


Farida Falke • Public Health Project Manager


Natalie Martin • Health Promotions Project Manager


Robert Turner • Marketing Communications Project Manager


Andre Jefferson • Marketing Communications Specialist


Consultants & Subject Matter Experts

In addition to our full-time staff, TechServ has partnered with several subject matter experts (SME) to bring the breadth and depth needed for the many programs we support.  Our dedicated staff provide the full-time strategy and management of your programs, and they have other staff and SMEs to draw from to provide the quality, speed, and excellence you deserve.

Cindy Collier

  • Policy and Strategy Development

  • Program Design and Evaluation

  • Best Practices Research/Set Metrics

  • Stakeholder Engagement

Jane Ellery

  • Community Engaged Change Strategist

  • Community Wellbeing Thought Leader

  • “Healthy Place” maker

  • Social and Behavioral Health Practice Educator

Kara Kavensky

  • Strategic Communications Specialist

  • Writer/Storyteller

  • Author

  • PR professional

Blane McMichen

  • Technical Marketing Consultant

  • Marketo Certified Expert

  • Content Marketing Certified

  • Marketing Stack Integrations

Kellie Meyer, M.A.

  • Customized Training

  • Consulting

  • Conference planning and logistics

  • Non profit management

Marcus Reed

  • Community Paramedicine/Behavioral Health Program Development
  • Leader as Coach

  • Organizational Culture/Change Management

  • Reliability Management

Sally Winter

  • Freelance writer

  • PR and communications strategy

  • Website and printed content creator

  • Public speaking

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions not answered here please reach out to us, we would love to help answer your questions.

Techserv can help in many different ways, typically we help companies or organizations with program management, training, technical assistance and workforce development.

Yes, we are currently operating programs in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and even Qatar.

Yes, we can write and submit an application or proposal in the format specified by the funding organization.

Yes, we have built quite a few websites and ready to start on yours!  Here are a few of the websites that we have built, check them out.

Indiana Together We Will
Indiana Annual Prevention Conference Website
Minority Health Partners Conference 2022
NFT VIP Party in Las Vegas

Yes, we offer both live online training sessions and pre-recorded trainings for mass distribution.

TechServ primarily sources technology tools, automated communication, and specialized hardware and software for wrap-around data collection.
Statwatch is our own software created for data collection.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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