Grant Management

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities can mean the difference between successful grant management and losing your grant funding. Successful grant management starts long before the grant is awarded. It starts with the end goal in mind. Effective grant design, strategic planning and program development are essential elements for success. We at Techserv do not advise to merely say this is who we are in a grant application, we believe it is better to tell the grant submission committee how we plan to do what they need and show them why we know we can. We at Techserv oversee from idea inception, to grant submission, through to project completion. Every grant is different and includes a wide range of tasks depending on the size and scope of the grant as well as skillset and resources of the grant awardee. Techserv strategizes, collaborates and implements to make sure that if you are awarded a grant it will be implemented effectively, and you will have the data to back it up.

Another essential part to a successful grant management is an understanding of and adherence to the regulations covering grant management which is ever changing and evolving. Failing to understand and comply with these regulations can and has resulted in funds being cut and worse – legal restitution of grant funds. Techserv can help you navigate these treacherous waters.

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