Statement of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging 

Techserv is a project management and consulting company, specializing in strategic consulting, stakeholder collaboration, workforce development, marketing communications, creative services and website development, we serve customers in health care, higher ed and public safety.

TechServ uses a philosophy of continuous quality improvement, expertise in community centric data collection and resulting analytics, as well as expertise in program & grant management, strategic planning and workforce development to create meaningful change in the world. We are committed to empowering underserved populations and under-assessed organizations to equalize the playing field. We create sustainable programs for education, public safety, and healthcare and are able to do this with agility, rapid development, and at a lower cost to capture data. Our focus is on programs that deliver services promoting better education access, community health equity, and public safety training and workforce development in those sectors. We also value collaboration and new partnerships, for it takes many organizations to create positive, sustainable impact.

Mission: Our mission is to align strategy, stakeholders, and operational excellence to better our public health, public safety and education systems. ​

Vision: Implementing great ideas to better our community. ​

Values:​ ​

  • Shared Vision ​ ​
  • Collaboration​ ​
  • Sustainability​ ​
  • Equity ​


​TechServ’s equity practice focuses on customizing the National Cultural Linguistic Appropriates Services framework traditionally utilized by healthcare providers for community serving organizations. TechServ defines equity for organizations, including our own internal staffing, organizational structuring, and change management policies and procedures, as a continuous quality improvement toward access and accountability.

TechServ’s diversity practice focuses on diversity of thought and perspective where intersectional individuals are aligned with project purpose and scope of practice. Intersectionality goes beyond race, gender identity, and socioeconomic measurement; intersectionality requires the whole person to come to the table to provide insight, recommendation, and thoughtful inquiry.

TechServ’s inclusion practice focuses on participation. Our projects are ever seeking new representation to broaden the scope of practice experience. Our inclusion practice requires that we seek non-traditional perspectives and expanding the current definition of stakeholder.

TechServ’s belonging practice focuses on career pathways supporting personal passion. Our team members bring forth their areas of expertise and their areas of exploration. Our projects are a continuous learning cycle integrating applied learning, professional development with subject matter expertise guidance, and expansive networking.