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a cooperative organization comprised of all thirteen public institutions of higher education. IPHEC members include University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, University of Illinois Chicago, University of Illinois Springfield, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Illinois State University, Chicago State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Northern Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University and Western Illinois University. Formed to advance the collective activities of the state’s public institutions primarily in the cooperative or group purchasing arena. Additionally, IPHEC serves to provide a common and collaborative voice on a wide variety of issues impacting the state universities including legislation, administrative rules, administrative policy and collaborative interaction with the states ethical oversight. IPHEC currently provides over one hundred award opportunities available to the state’s public higher education institutions, community colleges and the Illinois Math & Science Academy.



Central Management Services (CMS) is the operational engine working behind the scenes to enable the State’s more than 80 agencies, boards, and commissions to deliver efficient, reliable services to all Illinois citizens. The Agency’s mission is to support the State by delivering innovative, responsive, and effective services that provide the best value for Illinois State government and the people it serves.

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New Britain Recovers represents a new consortium of the many individuals and community resources that provide services in the areas of homelessness, addiction, and youth prevention. We have brought together the City’s Opioid Task Force, Homelessness Plan, and Local Prevention Council under the umbrella of New Britain Recovers, unifying these three previously separate initiatives into an efficient and effective one-stop-shop that can provide a more holistic service approach to community members.



DPH COVID-19 Resources & Guidance.  This page contains links to COVID-19 guidance and resources released by the CT Department of Public Health.



The Connecticut Department of Public Health Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS), in collaboration with the Connecticut Poison Control Center (CPCC) at UCONN Health, and pursuant to Public Act No. 18-166, Sec. 5 have enacted a real time reporting mechanism for Opioid Overdoses in the State through Emergency Medical Services called the CT EMS Statewide Opioid Reporting Directive (SWORD). All CT certified and licensed EMS organizations and providers are now reporting to the CPCC after any call where the patient is suspected of opioid use causing decreased responsiveness, respiratory depression or death, whether or not naloxone was administered.

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We seek to establish the values and communal agreement of how we will approach difficult topics in order to create a safe space for hard conversations on what is impacting our mental health and addiction professionals while continuing to work within a context of being trauma-informed and strengths-based in our application.
Please fill out the form below to be added to the email list for the cultural and linguistic competency grant.



Over the course of 2021, an Indiana Housing Dashboard was developed in partnership with the Housing Work Group to serve as a tool for identifying the greatest housing opportunities and challenges for our Indiana communities.



Kheprw Institute (KI) is a nonprofit organization focused on empowering youth and building community wealth in Indianapolis. Since 2003, KI has worked to create a more just, equitable, human-centered world by nurturing youth and young adults to be leaders, critical thinkers and doers who see the people in any community as the most valuable assets and are committed to working with disinvested communities to bring about change that leads to empowered self-reliant and self-determining communities.



STATS Indiana provides easy, one-stop access to critical statistics for states, counties, cities and towns, townships, regions, census tracts and more.



The Polis Center researches the trends and impacts of social and environmental issues in our community. The selection of reports below showcases our research, often conducted in collaboration with partners. This portfolio includes Polis Center Annual Reports, Disaster Planning Reports, and SAVI Community Trends Reports.


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